Planned Litters

Rose Valley White Shepherds will announce all upcoming litters under planned litters. Our next planned H-Litter will be Fall 2021. And I-Litter will be Winter 2021/2022.

Our H-Litter

After a very successful litter born October 7th, 2020 between Libby Alba vd Witte Klaver ‘Mishka’ and Bolt of Big Whites, which resulted in a litter of 10 beautiful puppies (F Litter), we’d like to announce that we’re planning the same litter combination for upcoming Fall.

  • This Litter will give us long coat and medium coat puppies.

Parents Pedigree database

Our I-Litter

We always dreamt about breeding with one of our ‘own’ puppies. We therefore kept a beautiful female puppy out of Kenai and Nita’s 2018 C-Litter. Her name is Catharina of Big Whites aka Kate! She turned out beautiful and had a successful mating with Finn which resulted in 11 beautiful fluffy puppies (G-Litter). We are very very pleased to announce that in the winter of 2021/2022 our planned litter (I-litter) will be from her again.

We are therefore very hopeful to announce our planned I litter.


This particular planned litter is planned Winter 2021/2022. We hope that as soon as Kate is ready, we can try to mate her again with Finn. The Match is just too perfect! If you are on the waiting list for this particular planned litter, we ask for a little bit more patience.


This will be the second litter between:

Catharine of Big Whites and Alway’s Perfect Finnaghan vom Sutumer-Grund.

As soon as we’ve had a perfect mating we’ll update this page with the Pedigree Database test results.

Parents Pedigree Database

Our J Litter

We have no exact plans for our J-Litter yet. As soon as there’s an update or news we will post the information here.