Emmi’s Cleft Palate Surgery Campaign


This fundraiser is about Emmi. Our sweet 6 month old White Shepherd puppy with a cleft palate who need surgery.

When in October 2019 our puppies arrived, we knew instantly something was wrong with one of the puppies. She was unable to drink with her mommy and we had to act quickly. We created a bottle and I started to squeeze the milk in her. Making sure nothing would enter her lungs of course. At first every 2 hours and later every 4 hours. Day and Night.

After a month we were able to see her Cleft Palate for the first time. And with 6 weeks we knew the cleft palate was growing . We contacted a specialized vet and discussed her options. She said surgery was inevitable but only when she would turn minimal 5 month of age and the quote came to a reasonable amount. Therefore, we decided to continue Emmi’s care, find her the best parents ever and pay for the surgery as quoted! We wanted only one thing… giving her a good life!

However over time she grew from a tiny puppy to a big White Shepherd and so did her cleft palate. Since food is constantly stuck with the risk of infections and water can cause serious pneumonia there’s no time to wait anymore. Recently,  we consulted the vet again and surgery can be planned on Thursday May 28th but her quote grew 3 times the previously estimated amount.  Meaning we’re facing around $8,000 now. Money non of our families can’t spend. 

After taking such good care of her for weeks myself and seeing what a happy pupper she became with her new family, it’s extremely painful to make a go/no go decision and I feel terrible to break their hearts… and mine…

With this GoFundMe campaign, we sincerely hope to raise the money that is needed to save her. She deserves it! Her owners deserve it! We would be very appreciated with any help we can get. Every small or big donation would be a huge help towards the cost of her surgery. 

Together with GoFundMe, we guarantee that all funds are spend towards Emmi. If more money is raised, we know that a lot of puppies with a cleft lip or palate need help and we will donate ourselves to there recovery!

Hope you are able to Share this message for us and maybe you are able to Donate a bit since that would help us a lot too.

Thank you so much. It means the world to me. 

Here’s the longer version of Emmi’s story.