Mishka White Swiss Shepherd Female

Mishka White Swiss Shepherd Female.

Libby Alba v.d. Witte Klaver (Mishka) – Born February 25, 2017 – MDR1+/+ (free), DM: N/DM



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Check out our Swiss White Shepherd female – Mishka. Our 2017 addition to our family. To continue our breeding efforts, we hope to receive as beautiful litters from her as from Nita in the upcoming years. Of course she has to grow-up first :).

However she has already proven to be a perfect play mate for Kenai and Nita. She loves the outdoors, is extremely intelligent and I’ll start training her as a service dog soon. Just to have the best example at home that the Swiss White Shepherd is the breed to train for service purposes.

After naming Kenai after Disney movie: “Brother Bear” and logically name Kenai’s ‘wife’ Nita also from the movie Brother Bear we kind of ran out of names from this movie and with our girls 7 years older, a new name connected with Kenai and Nita had to be Mishka which means Little Bear! Disney you missed your opportunity. LOL