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Probably the most difficult thing to do. We’ve had an amazing summer with Kenai (didn’t dare to come near the puppies… shivering all over when one of them approached him lol), Nita (a very sweet, focused, silly, amazing, caring, intelligent mam. She loved to care for them and was a little confused when they left. After realizing she could get all the attention she was fine again), and all the puppies. All puppies left with a puppy manual, papers were signed and with food for the first day.

Names for the new puppies:

Color – Pedigree Name – Name
Light Blue – Ace of Big Whites – Ace
Dark Blue – All about Blue of Big Whites – Brodie
Pink – Alexis of Big Whites – Alexis
Orange – Aluna of Big Whites – Luna
Red – Augustus Red of Big Whites – Auggie
Purple – Abby Libby of Big Whites – Emma
Black – August of Big Whites – Augus