Our White Swiss Shepherd Dogs

Before falling in love with our White Swiss Shepherd dogs, I had a German Shepherd as a young girl. She was basically my best friend. After settling we were keen to have our own dog and soon ran into our first White Swiss Shepherd. Who could have known then, we would start Rose Valley White Shepherds –  Kennel of Big Whites.

But before that, in 2007 my husband and I brought home our first dog, a Golden Retriever – Belgium Shepherd mix. He was a beautiful little ‘mistake’ between two high-end kennel owners. Although he was an absolutely wonderful companion, we learned the hard way that he wasn’t a purebred strong combination. After having him for 12 years, we had to let him go. For sure, this was the hardest decision we’ve ever made and it had a huge impact on our family.

In 2010, we’d planned our immigration to Canada and wanted to have a new friend for the girls to travel with. That was the perfect time to bring Kenai our male White Swiss Shepherd in our lives. Kenai was only 5 months old when we immigrated. Best decision ever! Read more about Kenai and check his pedigree.

Having ample room where we live now, and with the desire to breed White Swiss Shepherds, we looked all over the world for a perfect match. It took us a while to find a ‘lady’ for Kenai who was not related to him and who possessed strong supplementary characteristics. In 2013, Nita came into our lives. A beautiful friend for all of us. She’s absolutely the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had! Read more about Nita and check her pedigree. In 2018 she had her third and last litter. Proudly to say she earns her retirement and will be a grand-mother soon.

With Nita having her second litter and a high demand on our White Swiss Shepherd breed, we decided to extend our kennel with another female beauty from the same kennel Kenai came from. Mishka joined us and we’re looking forward breeding with her when she’s ready to. Read more about Mishka or check her pedigree

From Kenai’s and Nita’s last 2018 C-litter we kept a beautiful female Catharina of Big Whites – ‘Kate‘. She will be our long coated female to breed with in 2020. Till then she will be our playful puppy. Check her pedigree, not a real surprise since she’s Kenai’s and Nita’s daughter <3

Our Rose Valley White Shepherd Kennel proudly presents the White Swiss Shepherd breed.

See in our photo gallery how Kenai and Nita’s friendship has developed since day 1