F-Litter – Rose Valley White Shepherds puppies

Rose Valley White Shepherds puppies Mishka x Bolt

Date of Birth: October 7, 2020

On October 7, 2020 our own Rose Valley White Shepherd ‘Libby Alba vd Witte Klaver‘ aka Mishka delivered our F-Litter and gave us TEN puppies.

f-litter TEN puppies
Bolt of Big Whites born 3-1-2017

Using a stud to mate is a different. There’s finding the right male, traveling, planning and hoping for a match… Lot’s to keep in mind of! For us that meant to travel to Grand Prairie, Alberta 1100km from Kelowna! on Friday eve August 7,2020 Debbie and her husband Trevor welcomed us and were so kind to lent their travel trailer to us so we could stay close to Bolt for 4 days to give the couple some time to get along and mate.

Mating with Bolt was a pleasure. Seeing our own puppy from Nita x Kenai again was just amazing.

Mishka can be shy from time to time. She’s perfectly okay around us but not so good in the beginning with others. Her mating went above expectations. They were getting along so easily and Bolt didn’t need much time at all. The result is a huge large litter of 10 puppies.

Our own Rose Valley White Shepherd Mishka was ready to deliver her F-Litter puppies on October 7. Her water broke at 8:15pm and all 10 puppies arrived at 2.30am in the morning. Her due date was 2 days later but we could tell she was going to deliver earlier.

  1. Male Dark Blue 8:30pm – tail first
  2. Female Pink 9:40pm – tail first
  3. Female Purple 9:45pm – head first
  4. Male Black 11:00pm – tail first
  5. Female Orange 11:30pm – big nose first
  6. Female Green 00:00am – tail first
  7. Male Light Blue 00:20am – Nose first
  8. Male Yellow 00:40am – tail first
  9. Female Red 01:05am – tail first
  10. Female Rainbow 2:30am – super stuck and nose first

Mishka turned out to be such an easy going and very efficient mom. With her 3 years of age, she can organize all 10 for ‘breakfast’ in just 5 minutes lol.

All puppies are spoken for!