Kenai White Swiss Shepherd Male.

Dingo Guy v.d. Witte Klaver (Kenai) – Born March 5, 2010 – MDR1+/+ (free), DM N/N (clear)

Dingo Guy Front 1 small Dingo Guy Left 1 small Dingo Guy Right small

Kenai’s Pedigree or check on the pedigree database

Check out our Kenai White Swiss Shepherd male with an amazing character. He’s very friendly and open towards kids, adults, and other pets. He loves to be outside, check for wild life on our porch, or play with his companions Nita and Mishka. In the summer he loves to go out camping with us, swim in every water he sees. He’s very energetic when outside, however very lay-back when inside.

We called him Kenai after the main character in the Disney movie: “Brother Bear” our daughters favourite movie for years at that time 🙂

Check our photo gallery on how Kenai developed from pup to adult :