A-Litter – Rose Valley White Shepherds puppies

Date of Birth: June 21, 2015

Here are the details from our A-Litter – Rose Valley White Shepherds Kennel: Sunday we figured out that Nita was extremely affectionate to us. We were even allowed to feel how the puppies moved around in her belly. Such a great experience. At 6PM it all started. She shivered, stared and you could see the subtractions.  First puppy to be born at 6:40PM. Nita did an amazing job and delivered a total of 8 puppies. 

  1. Male Light Blue 6:40PM,
  2. Male Dark Blue 7:15PM,
  3. Female Pink 7:32PM,
  4. Female Yellow 8:34PM – unfortunately we lost this beauty the next day :( –
  5. Female Orange came at 8:48PM,
  6. Male Red 10:11PM,
  7. Female Purple 10:42PM and last but not least,
  8. Male Black 10:55PM

The girls did an amazing job weighing them, putting their colour collar on, and registered everything in our little book :) All 4 of us had a job to do and we were happy with all 8 hands!

An incredible night came. Since she didn’t wanted me out of her whelping box, I stayed in :) and we both fell a sleep. What a night… what an experience!

The next morning Emilie helped out by guarding the puppies and giving Nita all the attention she absolutely deserved. During the afternoon Frederieke took over. They loved it and were very responsible and took ownership of every aspect. Cleaning the box, helping the puppies to nurse and everything else what comes with it. And papa Kenai … he was in shock for days lol.