G-Litter – Rose Valley White Shepherds puppies

Rose Valley White Shepherds puppies Kate x Finn

Date of Birth: January 27, 2021

On January 27, 2021 our own Rose Valley White Shepherd  ‘Catharina of Big Whites’ delivered our G-Litter and gave us ELEVEN puppies.


Finn and Kate practicing

Trying to mate this couple took a lot of patience. However during Kate’s 3rd heat cycle it didn’t take a lot for the couple to mate. Together with Finnaghan’s mom Silke from Northern Spirit White Swiss Shepherd we made the most out of all the visits (ha ha) and became good friends. 

Mating with Finn was a pleasure. Seeing the fluffy results out of this litter was a serious pleasure. 

Our own Rose Valley White Shepherd Kate was ready to deliver her G-Litter puppies on January 27th 2021. 4 days earlier than expected. With me traveling back from Europe I had to witness from the airport how my husband delivered all puppies by himself. Big shoutout to him for that. It’s hard work especially during the night!

Her water broke at 01:00am and 10 puppies arrived that night till 7am in the morning. One last puppy came at noon and became our precious little goofball filled with surprises during the 8 weeks we had him! 

  1. Male Black 1:50 am – Gabe Léo of Big Whites
  2. Female Purple 2:19 am – Gaia Zosha of Big Whites
  3. Male Pink 3:48 am – Gracious Mishka of Big Whites
  4. Male Blue 3:55 am Gus of Big Whites
  5. Male White 4:24 am Ghost Oscar of Big Whites
  6. Male Yellow 4:38 am – Genty Snow of Big Whites
  7. Male Orange 4:47 am – Gaston Kai of Big Whites
  8. Male Red 5:26 am – Goofy Sailor of Big Whites
  9. Female Green 6:47 am – Gina Seersha of Big Whites
  10. Male Light Blue 6:58 am – George Charlie of Big Whites
  11. Male Grey 11:58 am – Grindelwald of Big Whites

Kate ‘s a super sweet mom but we also discovered she’s very protective. COVID-19 isn’t helping to socialize her in this. 

All puppies found their amazing homes.