Kate Swiss White Shepherd Female.

Catharina of Big Whites (Kate) – Born June 24, 2018 – MDR1+/+ (free), DM: N/N (clear)
Embark Health and DNA test available

Kate’s Pedigree or check on the pedigree database

We’re proudly presenting Kate! From the start of us breeding we always wanted to keep a female puppy from our first 2 dogs Kenai and Nita and so we did when Nita had her C-litter in 2018.

Kate proved to be the best of both parents. She has the perfect pigmentation (completely white fur, black nose, eyeliner and beautiful dark eyes) from both her parents. Her thick fur from her father, and her extreme sweet personality from her mom.


To be totally sure on her health we performed a health test via Embark Dog DNA Test. Read here about her excellent result!

Kate’s free of ALL Breed-Relevant Genetic Health Conditions like MDR1 (Multiple Drug Sensitivity) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) and many more.

For the DNA freaks out there (like me) here are a couple traits about her we like to see in the White Swiss Shepherd breed:

E Locus (MC1R) – No dark hairs anywhere (ee)
B Locus (TYRP1) – Likely black colored nose/feet (BB)
Coat Length (FGF5) – Likely long coat (TT)

We are therefore very delighted to almost receiving her first litter. More about that on our Planned Litter page!

Kate grew up in our pack with lots of other puppies, dogs, love of our girls and whole family. She loves to chase deers in the forest, play and guide her brother Clifford and fight for the Alfa position with our other females. She excepts her place in the pack though.