E-Litter – Rose Valley White Shepherds puppies

Rose Valley White Shepherd E-Litter puppies
Nita x Patriot

Date of Birth: October 28, 2019

For our E-litter puppies with our own ‘Unique Nita of White Energy‘ aka Nita, we traveled to our breeding friends in Alberta. Kennel Great Northern White Swiss has like us a couple purebred White Swiss Shepherds. One of their proud males is called Patriot.

Nita and Nala on our way back home
from visiting Great Northern White Swiss

After visiting them end of August 2019 we not only ended up with a successful mating but also with our new member of the family Nala. I believe she is the bravest cat I’ve ever met. Just being a couple months old she endured our 5 White Swiss Shepherds with NO hesitation nor fear. Our dogs are adoring her to our surprise since they tend to be not so nice to cats, marmots and everything that runs away from them… But Nala is different!

Our Rose Valley White Shepherd E-Litter came to this world with 4 puppies on October 28, 2019 at 9:30AM.

  1. Female Pink 9:30am – Emilie ‘Emmi’ of Big Whites
  2. Male Blue 9:50am – Eeyore ‘Elvis’ of Big Whites
  3. Male Black 11:00am – Edgar ‘Akela’ of Big Whites
  4. Female Orange 11:40 – Elsa ‘Renna’ of Big Whites

Nita’s first born turned out to not drink properly and my journey to hand feed her began. Later we discovered she had a tiny whole in her palate. Every 2 hours – day and night – her feeding began. She was a super sweet pupper and it was very easy to commit to her schedule. Read more about her story in my blog.

All puppies found their new forever homes just before Christmas. Since the roads where in terrible winter conditions we brought all puppies to their new owners. Meeting Emmi’s and Akela’s families in Hope and bringing Renna to her family in Williams Lake. Elvis stayed in Kelowna, just across the lake from us!