Date of Birth: June 24, 2018

Nita was so ready to deliver her puppies on Wednesday June 20th. She was trying to find a good place for her to nest. We rapidly made her puppy delivery pen ready and she was calm again. Saturday everyone expected her to start. We slept restless. On Sunday June 24th she started!  At noon the contractions started.  First puppy to be born at 1:06PM. She did an amazing job and delivered a total of 9 puppies.

  1. Male Red 1:06PM heavy big boy born with a cleft lip
  2. Male Orange 1:37PM heavy
  3. Male Yellow 2:14PM, heavy and with a beautiful black spot.
  4. Male Black 2:36PM, light.
  5. Male Green 3:01PM, heavy
  6. Female purple 3:53PM, heavy
  7. Male Blue 4:26PM
  8. Male Rainbow 6:13PM, very heavy and stuck for a long time. 
  9. Female Pink 7:48PM heavy

The girls and our their friend Brittney did an amazing job weighing them, putting their colour collar on, and registered everything in our little book. All 5 of us had a job to do and we were happy with all 10 hands!

You could tell Nita was very experienced with all the crawling puppies. She had to work for this litter…. and we too. All puppies were heavy and some stuck for a long time. But we managed to help her get them all out alive. 

The first born in this litter has a cleft lip. For us a no brainer to fight for his live! He needs to be bottle fed every 2 hours for the first week and every 3 hours after. The first 7 days are always critical and especially with this little guy. Long days and long nights and time in between to read through not so much information online. Stunned and sad to read how some ‘breeders’ give up on this kind of a puppy. Since information about his condition is hard to find I decided to open up and write about it. 

If you’d like to follow his journey, read more on Clifford’s page. (not live yet)