Service Dogs – Rose Valley White Shepherds

Puppy Program to becoming a Service Dog

The White Swiss Shepherd has a very good reputation in becoming a Service Dog. With more and more requests and with 3 of our dogs becoming successful Service Dogs, it’s time to dedicate a page to it and explain what we do to raise a potential Service Dog in the first 9 weeks when they’re with us.


PTSD Service Dog Opal We are doing well these days! She’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel safe with her. She’s very responsive to my moods and will lovingly harass me until I refocus and pay attention to her! I generally take her with me everywhere. She’s high energy so we go for 3-5 km walks every morning. So healthy for me too! She loves the water and swam nearly every day this summer. Sometimes ocean, sometimes lake. At home I’m calmer than I was. On a good day I’m content. I have people comment on Opal all the time she’s so beautiful. She has startled a few who thought she was a wolf!

Opal Owner: Pat

Therapy Service Dog Murphy! He graduated top of his level 1 puppy class. His therapy training starts when he's one year old.

Murphy Owners: Kendra & Shawn

Multipurpose Service Dog Saturn.

Saturn Owner: Darby