Bolt White Swiss Shepherd – Male – Stud

Bolt Suka of Big Whites (Bolt) – Born March 1, 2017

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Bolt Suka of Big Whites is our male stud from our own B-litter between Kenai and Nita. Beautiful big and friendly guy like his brother Baloo. Has his fathers looks and proud for sure and Nita’s gentle touch. Since he was a puppy we knew, one day, Bolt and Baloo would be our stud for Mishka! 2020 is Bolt’s year to shine!

Bolt lives with his owners in Grand Prairie, Alberta, 1077 km away from us. He’s absolutely living the life! Such a happy guy. During our 3 day visit he proudly showed us his acreage. Although it was a long drive it was more than worth it to be with Bolt’s owners Debbie and Trevor. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Out of this litter Fergus of Big Whites (Gus) will soon be joining them. We can’t imagine a better home for him.