Nita White Swiss Shepherd Female.

Unique Nita of White Energy (Nita) – Born March 2, 2013 – MDR1+/+ (free) DM N/N (free)

Unique Nita Front small Unique Nita Right 1 small Unique Nita Right small

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Check out Nita our Swiss White Shepherd female dog. She is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had. Her character is open, friendly and there to serve you. She’s always around one of us and follows us everywhere.  She loves to be outside to play with Kenai. In the summer she loves to go out camping with us. Although she’s not a big swimmer she loves to cool down in hot summers. In winter time she loves to play in the snow. Although very energetic when outside, she’s very layed-back when inside.

After naming Kenai after Disney movie: “Brother Bear” our daughters found it more then logical to name Kenai’s ‘wife’ Nita also from the movie Brother Bear.

Check our photo gallery on how Nita developed from pup to young adult :