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The White swiss shepherd / berger blanc suisse


white swiss shepherd breed

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog or Berger Blanc Suisse is not an albino version of the German Shepherd. Furthermore, small differences have evolved over the past years, since both breeds have been kept and bred separately. The most obvious distinction is the more horizontal back.

New Genetic blood

The goal in dog breeding is functionally healthy dogs with a construction and mentality typical to the breed. Our dogs are all imported from Europe at some point. Importing new blood lines will ensure healthy dogs and will make breeding possible for years to come.

dna, hip & elbo

Results from DNA tests for inherited diseases will be used to select our dogs suitable for breeding. Before importing, all dogs will undergo an EMBARK for dog DNA test. At the correct age a new health check including X-Rays for Hip and Elbow will be made. This way we only breed with the best of breed.

Finding the gems

The FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale “World Kennel Association”) created a breed standard for the White Swiss Shepherd. It’s called Standard No 347. In the image you see all the specifics. The WSS also acknowledges 3 different coat types: the Long coat, the Medium or Plush coat and the Short coat. All puppies will carry the FCI and the UKC pedigrees to meet everyones needs.

We would like to focus on Long and Plush coat dogs and find the complimental pedigrees for sustainable breeding now and in the future. Working closely with several breeders overseas will give us that opportunity. An investment we would like to make towards the breed.  However we can’t keep them all here at our Rose Valley White Shepherd Kennel (unfortunately)


White Swiss Shepherd

For our breeding program we are looking for families in the Kelowna region (around 100km) to take care of one of our newly imported puppies. We would like to breed with her when the time is there. We will take care of Embark DNA testing, the actual breeding, her litter(s) here at home with us till the finding of new families for the puppies. From our Care families we ask to really take good care of our dog. Feed her a healthy diet, walk her, socialize her, snuggle her, take her to the vet when necessary and have her available for breeding when it is time. Basic training experience is a must. She has to be very friendly, confident and welcoming to visitors and other dogs.  


White Swiss Shepherd

For our breeding program we are also looking for families in the Kelowna Region (around 100km) to take care of a male puppy. We would like to have an Alpha male with a dominant but sweet character. Basic training experience is a must. He has to be socialized, very friendly and welcoming to visitors and other dogs. We would like to register him as a Stud. We will take care of all the arrangements to have a mating for our own and for other kennels in BC, but we need a couple things from you too. From our Care Families we ask to really take good care of our dog. Feed him healthy, provide proper exercise, health checks and x-rays, the regular vet visits and host the mating sessions. 

"The goal in dog breeding is functionally healthy dogs with a construction and mentality typical to the breed, dogs that can live a long and happy life for the benefit and pleasure of the owner and the society as well as the dog itself."


the best males

According to the FCI Breeding Standard

Dingo Guy vd Witte Klaver

We call him Kenai

Born in 2010. He has a Long double layered coat. He’s the start of all our White Swiss Shepherd breeding efforts. Father of 3 litters, 24 puppies and grandfather of 35 puppies. Bolt, Baloo and Kate are some of them.

Kenai crossed the rainbow bridge November 8th, 2021.

Bolt Suka of Big Whites

He is called Bolt

Born out of our own B-litter in 2017. He has his father’s Long double coat and beautiful looks. Bolt is going to be a father October 2020 and we’re very proud of what he became. 

Bolt lives in Grand Prairie and has a breeding contract with our kennel. 

Baloo Alano of Big Whites

He is  called Baloo

Also Born out of our own B-Litter in 2017. Brother of Bolt. He has his mothers medium Plush coat but his fathers looks.  Baloo is father of our D- Litter. 

Baloo used to live near Vancouver, unfortunately for us, he moved to France Europe.

Dark Shadow Saturn of Big Whites

He is called Saturn

Saturn is born in 2019 out of Baloo and Mishka, our short hair female. Saturn is trained to be a service dog for his owner. Not only is he pure white, has the perfect pigment, he’s everything according to the Breed Standard! 

Saturn lives in Edmonton.


the best females

The gorgeous group of gals

Unique Nita of White Energy

We call her Nita

Born in 2013. She has a Medium Plush coat. Together with Kenai she had 3 litters and an additional litter with Patriot. In total she gave us 28 puppies and we are very greatfull for that. Bolt, Baloo and Kate are some of her puppies. 

Nita is retired.

Libby Alba vd Witte Klaver

We call her Mishka

Born in 2017. She has a short coat. She has the perfect white color and pigmentation. Mishka’s ability to work for you and focus on you is perfect. Mishka and Baloo gave us Saturn for example. And we’re not surprised he’s been an excellent Service Dog. 

Mishka’s about to deliver her second litter between her and Bolt

Catharina of Big Whites

We call her Kate

Born in 2018. She is our newest edition to breed with. Born out of Kenai and Nita’s 3rd C-Litter she’s for us a way to preserve all the good qualities we found in Kenai and Nita. Her Embark DNA test shows she’s perfect in all aspect of breeding. Looks, genetics, color, pigmentation. 

We hope to receiving her first litter early 2021.

Bear Nanuq of Big Whites

She is called Charlie

Born out of the same litter of Bolt and Baloo in 2017. Perfect copy of her mom Nita with a super friendly temperament. Although we are not breeding with her, we would have loved to. One of the reasons we  need this Breeding Program working!

Charlie lives in Port Moody BC together with her sister Blanche Qannik of Big Whites aka Mikki.

The benefits of our Breeding program



our breeding program IS TEMPORARY CLOSED