Date of Birth: March 1, 2017

Saturday February 25th, we kind of expected the circus to start. But Nita wasn’t ready. On Wednesday March 1st after being restless for 5 days she was ready!  At 7PM it all started. She shivered, stared and you could see the subtractions.  First puppy to be born at 6:19PM. She did an amazing job and delivered a total of 8 puppies.

  1. Female Pink 7:19PM, light 450gr. 
  2. Female Purple 8:26PM, tale first heavy 650gr.
  3. Female Orange 9:13PM, heavy 600gr.
  4. Female Yellow 9:47PM, light 430gr.
  5. Female Red 11:08PM, normal 530gr
  6. Male Blue 11:26PM, normal 500gr
  7. Male Black 12:29AM, head first but stuck for 5 minutes with his left paw. 600 gr.
  8. Female Green 01:05AM, normal 500gr. 

The girls and our family friend Rianne did an amazing job weighing them, putting their colour collar on, and registered everything in our little book. All 5 of us had a job to do and we were happy with all 10 hands!

Nita was way confident with all the crawling puppies then last time. She had and still has everything under control. Since it is winter, and she gave birth at our place at Big White were we currently live, we had to give her a special warm place to give birth.