Mishka x Baloo

Date of Birth: August 9, 2019

Using a stud to mate is a different. There’s finding the right male, traveling, planning and hoping for a match… Lot’s to keep in mind! For us that meant to travel to Mission BC on Friday night June 7,2019 and stay in a hotel close to Baloo for 3 days to give the couple some time to get along and mate.

Mishka can be shy from time to time. She’s perfectly okay around us but not so good in the beginning with others. To get her mated was a little challenge and eventually I proceeded with a.i. . There can be numerous reasons for a small litter but I think it had something to do with this.

Mishka was ready to deliver her puppies on Thursday to Friday night at 2 am in the morning. I didn’t expect her to deliver so soon although it make’s sense now. She already had a restless night and decided that her puppies needed to be born on my pillow….

  1. Male Green 1:55am – tale first
  2. Female Purple 3:55 – tale first
  3. Male Blue 4:13 – tale first

Mishka turned out to be such an easy going and dedicated mom. With her 2 years of age, she knew exactly what to do. Although we hoped for a larger litter, we’re very grateful with the three she gave us.

All puppies are spoken for!